In the interests of good Internet citizenship…

…I’ve finally got round to fixing the blog archives that got broken when we moved servers back in May. Now you can…


You can also get to the 2006-2010 and 2003-2006 archives via index pages of varying quality. (The 2006-2010 index is particularly state of the art. For 1996.)

Your old links should mostly work again; if any doesn’t, let me know.

Constructed in accordance with the best possible theories of political virtue

We interrupt our regular schedule of not blogging to plug Felix Gilman’s The Half-Made World. I’ve started Thunderer two or three times without getting caught up in it, but Mr. Gilman’s hit his stride now. Half-Made World reads like an Iain Banks novel set in China Miéville’s version of Stephen King’s gunslinger world, only better — better paced than Banks and in more control of voice and language, more coherent and less baroque than Miéville, more imaginative than King. And surprisingly self-contained for something that so plainly sets up its own sequel.

The flap copy will tell you what it’s about. If it sounds the sort of thing you might like, by all means pick it up.