About 370 on the Brinell scale

This has been unofficial news for a while now, but now it’s official: “A Soldier of the City,” by yours truly, will be in Engineering Infinity, edited by Jonathan Strahan and available early next year wherever quality mass-market paperbacks are sold.

Engineering Infinity bills itself as an anthology of hard science fiction. I don’t know that “Soldier” would meet the strictest possible definition, but after all the time I spent this winter doing math on the backs of envelopes, if it’s not the hardest story in the book I’m confident it won’t be the softest.

For those keeping score at home, “Soldier” is set in the same universe as my 2004 Asimov’s story, “The Third Party,” albeit quite some distance away in space and time. It will also be my first published story to use Australian spelling.

Math Overflow

Math Overflow almost tempts me to post some of the conceptual problems I’ve been having with the fake math in the never-ending manuscript — but even if I could articulate those problems properly, I’m afraid the community would just think I was trying to pull a Sokal.*

Anonymous Correspondent (if you’re reading this) you should check the site out. I don’t remember if we were wishing for this back in the mid-90s, but we should have been.

(Cosma, you might dig it too.)

* Or, more properly, a Bogdanov.

(Via Scott Aaronson at Shtetl-Optimized.)