I hate Eclipse

I swear to God the Eclipse developers are deliberately sabotaging Subclipse to get people to switch to Subversive. It works, too. After twenty-four hours of trying to get a working Eclipse 3.5.1 + Subclipse + EPIC installation on my laptop, I’ve finally given up.

I suspect this also has something to do with Mylyn, but I can’t prove it.

Well, this should be interesting

I’ve volunteered to help write a new scheduling and registration system for WisCon, the world’s leading feminist science fiction convention. From scratch. (Which is, yes, I know, a Thing You Should Never Do. But the old system is a mess of hand-tooled Javascript on top and — this is not a lie — FoxPro underneath, all written and maintained by a single developer who is no longer with us. If there’s ever a time to rewrite from scratch, other than maybe three years ago while the old system was still working, this is it.)

Anyway, that’s only sort of interesting. The interesting bit is that the plurality language on the volunteer development team is Perl. So we’ll be going with LAMP, or possibly BAMP if our BSD fan gets her way.

It’s about ten years since I last wrote a Perl script. Looks like I’m going to have to put Scala and Scheme on hold and hit the books.