Then something only vaguely like a human face filled the screens, its features stretched across asymmetrical expanses of bone like some obscene Mercator projection

(Department of “You were promised an oppressive cyberpunk dystopia”)

Still officially offline, but: while I was off in East Thrace the server that hosted was hit by something, for the second time in a few weeks, and to save ongoing headaches for myself and for Brandon, who gets the complaints from the hosting company when people complain that is attacking them with zombie botnets, I decided it was time after fifteen years to get out of the business of being my own webmaster and move this site to

As you can see it’s still a work in progress—moving all the posts from my most recent WordPress installation (ca. 5 years ago) was pretty quick but the links and images are still mostly broken and there’s still the archives from my two earlier blog incarnations that need to be converted from flat files into something WordPress can import, but I hope to have that done in a week or two. I’m afraid the permalinks I went to so much trouble to preserve when I went off MoveableType are no longer perma-, but at least all the posts should be there.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled no programming.


In the interests of good Internet citizenship…

…I’ve finally got round to fixing the blog archives that got broken when we moved servers back in May. Now you can…


You can also get to the 2006-2010 and 2003-2006 archives via index pages of varying quality. (The 2006-2010 index is particularly state of the art. For 1996.)

Your old links should mostly work again; if any doesn’t, let me know.

Second nearly-annual Internet moratorium

Too much to do this last summer east of the Prime Meridian, too little attention to pay to doing it. Going offline in July for all but essential purposes (and believe me, there’s far too many of those).

I’ll still be reading and answering email, so if you need to get in touch with me, or if there’s a cute kitten / brutal Toronto policing video that I really need to see while it’s fresh, drop me a note.

Last year when I did this, I said we’d better have national health care when I got back, and it took another eight months. So I’m not going to say anything about the oil spill.


If you didn’t know already: I’m on twitter now, for all your ephemeral news and transitory complaint action; and now that Schwartz has ferreted me out I can own up to my Tumblr junk collection, Tired Robot.

There’s a whole mess of stuff I should be posting about; not to mention I need to get the old archives working, put the blogroll back together, and all like that, but it hasn’t been happening. One of the things I should be posting about is that I’m leaving Switzerland in August and heading for San Francisco — back to San Francisco, twelve years after I left, at least twelve years before in any hazy fantasy I would have imagined moving back. (California’s in the heart, Jack; wherever I go, she’s with me.) It’s going to be great. But that decision, and the circumstances leading up to it, have thrown all kinds of trouble my way that gets in the way of writing here, and of clearing my head to write here. It’ll happen. But not right away.

I love helpful software

Upgrading to WordPress 2.6 has broken the syntax highlighter, yay! I guess that’s an incentive to upgrade to 2.6.1. And then spend an afternoon trying to figure out which bit of PHP is throwing <br/>s and <p/>s in my code, and then killing it.