Don’t get me wrong (updated)

I love my little Apple Wireless Chiclet Keyboard. But it — particularly this UK model I’ve got (compare the layouts here), which was the only one Apple Switzerland would sell me that had the Y and Z keys and most of the punctuation in the right places — has got to be the worst Emacs keyboard I’ve ever used.

Of course trying to work with it in my lap while slouched in an IKEA POÄNG might not be the best idea either.

Update: On closer inspection, that’s not my keyboard either — it shares some of the annoyances, but not all. I’ll have to take a picture.

2 thoughts on “Don’t get me wrong (updated)

  1. I’ll put aside my temptation to use the excuse to reignite the hacker’s oldest flame war, and instead observe: just be glad it’s not a *french* keyboard.

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