3 thoughts on “Shorter median commenter on any mid-range software engineering blog

  1. As long as the “do this” instruction is comprehensible and applicable to the task, I’m fine with that.

    IME, the median reply thread on a software community board goes like this:

    1) “Yeah, I’ve had that problem, too.”
    2) “Here’s the solution to a totally unrelated problem.”
    3) [significantly later] “Did anyone ever work out a solution for this?”
    4) [there is no #4]

  2. Yeah, it’s when it’s not applicable to the task, or there is in fact no “task” as such, that it’s less helpful.

    Have you seen stackoverflow.com yet? They seem to do a better job than most of providing relevant answers, and since it’s more of a Web 2.0 social networking thing, it seems like there are fewer drive-bys and posts are less stale. (Though of course it’s pretty new, too.)

  3. Oh, and I discovered another common pattern: “Great post! Now I’m going to ignore it and talk about X.” Which I guess is at least slightly more polite than “TLDR.”

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