Twenty Epics

Strikingly successful… story after story is intriguing and original.
Rich Horton, Locus
Kept me from going absolutely bugnut insane.
John Scalzi, author of Old Man’s War and The Android’s Dream

Epics have lost their charm. There was a time when you finished
an epic. When an epic left you feeling not discontent and exhausted,
but joyous, melancholy, rejuvenated, satisfied — left you
feeling that you were a better person for the experience.

Twenty Epics will bring that feeling back.

In ten thousand words or less.

All-new stories from Christopher Rowe, Tim Pratt, Alan DeNiro,
Rachel McGonagill, K.D. Wentworth, Marcus Ewert, Christopher
Barzak, Meghan McCarron, Stephen Eley, Jon Hansen, Paul
Berger, David Schwartz, Sandra McDonald, Jack Mierzwa, Mary
Robinette Kowal, Zoë Selengut, Ian McHugh, Yoon Ha Lee,
Benjamin Rosenbaum, and Scott William Carter, including Benjamin Rosenbaum’s World Fantasy Award–nominated “A Siege of Cranes.”

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