Code monkey get up get coffee

I think I’ve mostly recovered from houseguests, bronchitis, a Hugo award nomination, and several days spent driving a zippy little turbo diesel Alfa Romeo at high speeds over narrow French country roads. (And yes, I did spend all my recovery time listening to Jonathan Coulton MP3s, why do you ask?)

Meanwhile, Neal Gafter’s posted some further notes on his Neapolitan ice cream puzzler, including a couple of solutions that should be interesting to anyone trying to decide what does and doesn’t constitute “enum abuse.” And Eric Lippert’s corrected my conclusions on C# readonly vs. Java final; the C# approach is rather interesting, I think.

Eric’s also commented on Dan’s question about state management in functional languages. I’ve got a gold card coming up; maybe I should do something with this Scala monad tutorial


The colocation people housing the / / server decided that the right response to a faltering economy was to double their rates, and my kindly host Brandon decided that the right response to that was to take his business elsewhere, so we’ll be moving this week — down Monday, hopefully up again by Wednesday, but one never knows. Anyway, if you can’t reach this site or at any of my non-gmail email addresses, that’s why.

Don’t get me wrong (updated)

I love my little Apple Wireless Chiclet Keyboard. But it — particularly this UK model I’ve got (compare the layouts here), which was the only one Apple Switzerland would sell me that had the Y and Z keys and most of the punctuation in the right places — has got to be the worst Emacs keyboard I’ve ever used.

Of course trying to work with it in my lap while slouched in an IKEA POÄNG might not be the best idea either.

Update: On closer inspection, that’s not my keyboard either — it shares some of the annoyances, but not all. I’ll have to take a picture.