Chitai Heiki Koronbīn

Moles … is deconstructing manga, imagining how it might be if such scenarios were real, involving real people. None of it makes any sense, which is also real.
Lois Tilton, Locus Online
Honestly I found it really boring.
“Kris,” Goodreads

The secret robot base was an old oil platform somewhere north of the Arctic Circle. Officially it was the United Nations Provisional Containment Authority Northern Hemisphere Rapid Deployment Facility, but after six weeks in the British Columbian woods at the United Nations Provisional Containment Authority Pacific Region Candidate Induction Centre Camp Chilliwack, Maddy had had enough of UN word salad, and when Abby had called it the secret robot base, Maddy had picked the name up and made it stick. The walls of the base were white-painted steel that flaked in places to reveal an older layer of nicotine yellow and occasionally bits of faded Russian stencil. The UN had rubberized the floors and put in new signs in English and Japanese, but to Maddy it still felt like they’d gone back in time, or like they were on the set of some old war movie like her dad was always watching on the History Channel, Top Gun or Blue Submarine No. 6 or The Final Countdown. She liked that. Jacob said the gray glop on the ceilings was asbestos and it was giving them cancer.

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