Planet of the Amazon Women

Intrepid David Moles! He has boldly chosen to touch down on the “Planet of the Amazon Women,” that SFnal territory so notably colonized by Russ and Tiptree. … However, this is hardly the triumph of militant feminism that some readers might suppose: the Amazon planet slaying its would-be conqueror. Moles is not so unsubtle an author.
Lois Tilton, Tangent Online
Challenging and original.
Rich Horton, Locus
The second half actually added very little value.
Anonymous commenter, Strange Horizons message boards

There is something about the crew of the S.P.S. Tenacious, the picket ship that the Erewhon Republic has stationed in Hippolyta’s system to prevent any excursion from the Planet of the Amazon Women, that is both comical and touching. They take themselves very seriously, with their crisp white uniforms and their military ranks and their short haircuts. (Most of them are human, and most of the humans are men — boys, really.) They take their job very seriously, too, with a certain pride in being the only ones in this part of the Polychronicon interested in the problem: the universe may be dangerous and chaotic and very poorly organized, but the Republic, and the Navy, are up to the task.

They’re not, of course. The universe is so much more disorganized than these comic-opera astronauts could even imagine. That’s what makes it so touching.

“And this is the Operations Center,” Lieutenant Addison tells me. “Where we control the sensor platforms and the particle-beam satellites. We’ve never had to use them, thank God.”

Addison looks at me, and I look at the room full of complicated equipment and focused young men and nod as if I knew what I was looking at. Already I am practicing my imposture, preparing myself for Hippolyta. This is a dance, and I am improvising it.

Satisfied, Addison turns to indicate the next point of interest, and I turn back to watching Addison. He’s skinny and cute and can’t be more than twenty-five. He doesn’t know what to say to a civilian who’s volunteered for a suicide mission, but he’s trying.

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